Archive of ad hoc announcements

25/11/2013 The Tornos Board of Directors confirms the public takeover offer made by Walter Fust
14/11/2013 Third quarter impacted by seasonal effect
03/10/2013 Tornos reduces credit lines with the banks
13/08/2013 Strategic initiatives having positive and encouraging impact – half-year results below expectations
13/08/2013 Changement au niveau de la direction générale
29/05/2013 Information on closing of rights offering
15/05/2013 Capital Increase
15/05/2013 Appointment of the new Head of Sales
11/05/2013 Strategic reorientation well on track – downsizing of General Management
07/05/2013 First quarter still weak – strategic investment in Asia
16/04/2013 General Meeting approves Board proposals
04/04/2013 Adjustment to the alliance with the partner corporation
18/03/2013 Paving the way to the future
29/01/2013 Course of business 2012 in line with expectations
28/01/2013 Changes to the management team
13/11/2012 Third quarter marked by Group transformation measures
16/10/2012 New business model and firm financing for the future
24/09/2012 Tornos announces restructuring as part of strategic realignment
14/08/2012 Difficult first half year 2012 – Tornos facing structural challenges
08/05/2012 Business slowdown in a wait-and-see market
02/05/2012 Changes in Management
18/04/2012 General Meeting approves Board proposals
05/04/2012 Capacity adjustment to fluctuation of business activities
19/03/2012 Good results in spite of a strong Swiss franc
06/03/2012 Changes in the General Management
31/01/2012 Sales rise by 69.3% in 2011
21/12/2011 Changes in Management
15/11/2011 Pleasing results in a very challenging economic environment
12/08/2011 Sales doubled despite strong Swiss franc
12/08/2011 Early send-out of the Half-Year Report by ShareComm Service