Media releases

15/04/2020 Tornos Annual General Meeting approves all Board of Directors’ proposals
09/03/2020 Tornos realigns market focus
21/01/2020 Tornos volume down from previous year
09/01/2020 Late final payment for sold business property
25/10/2019 Tornos amends forecast for 2019 financial year
13/08/2019 Tornos once again significantly increases sales, EBIT and productivity
25/04/2019 Tornos to become independent in China
10/04/2019 Tornos Annual General Meeting approves all Board of Directors’ proposals
11/03/2019 Tornos again significantly improves result
05/03/2019 Change in the Board of Directors of Tornos
22/01/2019 Tornos achieves another significant increase in order intake and sales
30/08/2018 Tornos wins the 2018 Swiss WCM Award
14/08/2018 Order backlog at an all-time high
10/07/2018 Tornos share: Nominal value reduction achieved through distribution and allocation to legal reserve from capital contributions
26/04/2018 Tornos secures large orders from automotive industry subcontractors
11/04/2018 Tornos Annual General Meeting approves all Board of Directors’ proposals – order intake remains high
12/03/2018 Tornos returns to profit
15/02/2018 Tornos Group significantly improves result
23/01/2018 Significant increase in orders and sales
15/08/2017 Tornos continues to perform well
26/07/2017 The Tornos Group's half-year results are much better than those of 2016
12/04/2017 Tornos General Meeting approves all proposals of the Board of Directors – increase in order intake in first quarter of 2017
14/03/2017 Tornos remains on course
24/01/2017 Sales and order intake of Tornos Group in the 2016 financial year: Reluctance to invest in high-end products impacts sales and order intake
16/08/2016 Absence of major projects impacts Tornos’ first-half sales and result
22/07/2016 Customers’ reluctance to invest in projects significantly noticeable in the first half year
13/04/2016 General Meeting approves all Board proposals – conservative outlook 2016
15/03/2016 Tornos with positive result in a challenging market and currency environment
26/01/2016 Tornos maintains currency-adjusted net sales 2015 at prior-year level
03/11/2015 Cautious investment activity noticeable in Tornos’ course of business