Significant shareholders

As at December 31, 2019, 1’800 shareholders were registered in the share register and held numbers of shares as follows:

More than 1'000'000 shares 2 shareholders
From 100'001 to 1'000'000 shares 7 shareholders
From 15'001 to 100'000 shares 51 shareholders
From 1 to 15'000 shares 1'740 shareholders

As at December 31, 2019, 1’570’008 shares, representing 7.9% of the total number of shares issued, were not registered in the share register (not assigned). Significant shareholders registered in the share register (i. e., representing 5% or more of the company’s voting rights) are the following:




No. of shares


No. of shares


Walter Fust 9'620'529 48.4 9'570'659 48.15
Michel Rollier / Rollomatic Holding SA 2'853'733 14.36 2'853'733 14.36

Number of shares known by the company or according to the latest declaration made to SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd. The percentages are based on the real number of shares at balance sheet date.

According with the article 20 of the Federal Law on Stock Exchange and Security Trading, there were no notification published in 2018 and 2017.

Detailed information regarding above-mentioned or earlier publications can be found on the SIX Swiss Exchange website:

Tornos Holding SA is unaware of any shareholders’ pact.